Become a Host Home Provider

Open your heart and your home to someone who desperately needs both. 

One Goal

The primary goal of a Host-Home Provider is to provide the kind of support an adult with developmental disabilities needs to become an active member of society. Our providers realize this goal by working with Stellar Care in many of the following ways:
- Providing a home-like environment, where the individual becomes a part of the family.
- Addressing the medical, psychological and emotional needs of the individual.
- Developing Enhanced Life Plans that encourage independence and community contribution.
- Providing guidance in activities such as recreation, work and personal care.

The Perfect Fit

These are only a few of the services our Host-Home Providers can offer by working with Stellar Care. Individual needs vary, and our Host-Home Providers are thoroughly screened to ensure an appropriate match in every situation. Our Directors’ depth of personal experience underscores our determination to exhaust all the options when placing individuals in the right setting.

Getting Started

Host-Home Providers cover the spectrum of age, race, religious beliefs and income levels. Backgrounds of successful providers vary, from school bus drivers to business owners to teachers. What do our Host-Home Providers and our staff have in common? We care!

For further information, please use our contact forms.

Northern Director

Email Erin or call at (303-452-3600)

Southern Director

Email Jennifer or call at (719-344-8931)