Stellar Care is proud to offer our clients a variety of programs and activities that fit their needs and help them learn life-long skills that they can carry with them through our programs and beyond. We offer day programs, daily activities that teach valuable life skills, and offer house placements. 

Designed for you.

Because our clients' needs are our number one priority, we offer a variety of programs and activities that rehabilitate our individuals and allow them to learn new skills, all while having fun.

In addition to our day programs and monthly activities, we offer a residential program that matches every client's needs to a home environment that will help them to thrive and succeed in a comfortable setting.

Our Programs

Day Programs

Learn more about what day-to-day care we can provide and let’s talk about your needs!

Residential Programs

Discover how we can help you find a home placement that fits your needs. 

Become a Host Home

Our array of Host-Home Providers has one thing in common with our staff – we care!