Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Stellar Care and Services been serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

Stellar Care and Services first began offering SCC (day program) services in 2009 and has expanded to offer a number of other services including Residential and Supported Living Services. We serve people with disabilities from three locations in the State of Colorado.

How many people does Stellar Care and Service serve?

Stellar Care and Services serves close to 300 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout our various programs.

What services does Stellar Care and Services offer?

Residential Services including Host Homes and Family Caregiver, Day Program and Supported Employment as well as Supported Living Services and Children's Extensive Support through Community Connector and respite.

What age group does Stellar Care and Services serve?

We serve adults over the age of 18 through the majority of our services, however we do serve a small population of children up to 18 through the CES waiver.

What areas does Stellar Care and Services cover?

We serve throughout the Colorado Front Range, from Fort Collins down to Pueblo and Alamosa. We also serve the Grand Junction Area. Counties served include but are not limited to: Larimer, Weld, Boulder, Broomfield, Jefferson, Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Fremont, Pueblo.

How do I enroll in services?

To see if you are eligible for services, contact your local Community Center Board. A list of them can be found through The Colorado Department of Health and Environment. If you are not eligible for waiver services, you may consider privately paying for services. Visit for more information.

Residential Programs FAQs

What is a Host Home?
A Host Home is a home that is contracted with a trained provider to assist adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live with dignity and respect, while working toward independence and growth. Services are person centered and providers are offered support from Stellar Care staff to offer individuals the best quality of life. Residential services are all-inclusive and are designed to ensure all identified needs of the person in services are met. Host Home providers receive a daily rate based off of an identified support level to meet the needs of the individual in their home.

What is the main function of a Host Home provider? The main function of a Host Home provider is to provide a safe and stable home environment where an individual can live a life with choice, and have opportunity to grow, reach their goals and function as independently as possible. Stellar Care believes that a Host Home setting allows for more one on one support and an opportunity for individualized plans to assist those we serve flourish.

How does a Family Caregiver differ from a Host Home? A Family Caregiver is identified as a Personal Care Alternative. Stellar Care supports paid Family Caregivers in the same fashion that we do unrelated Host Home providers.

What training is required to become a Host Home provider or Family Caregiver? Stellar Care requires all of the state required training, but also offers more individualized training to best meet the needs of the individuals served. Some of the training that you will be asked to complete is Orientation/Expectations, First Aid/CPR, QMAP, Mandt, MANE/IR and SOMB.

What other Residential Services does Stellar Care and Services offer? Stellar Care and Services prides themselves on a robust Apartment Supports Program for those individuals who are able to live independently. The supports we offer through trained coordinators and mentors are based on individualized needs and rooted in the strengths of the individual. Stellar Care also offers grocery assistance and other amenities on a case by case basis. We assist with medical visits, medication managements, goals, grocery shopping/meal planning/meal prep, as well as opportunities for community integration and individual autonomy.

Day Program FAQs

What is Supported Community Connections? SCC is a group formatted day program. Stellar Care believes that smaller staff ratios are the foundation of our program’s success, allowing more individualized services and personal growth. Stellar Care has a maximum of 1:4 staffing to individual. Some of our individuals require 1:1 ratios. Our services are person centered and we believe in the importance of listening to those we serve and finding activities that they enjoy where they can engage with their community and work on their community integration goals in a supported and compassionate environment. Our Day Programs are all community based and provide transportation to and from the doorstep of their residence.

What are Stellar Care’s Day Program operating hours? We operate Monday through Friday with pick-ups occurring between 8am-9am, program from 9am-3pm, and drop offs from 3pm-4pm. We provide these services based on the hours allotted in the Individual Service Plan and can also provide occasional services in the evening (for dances, etc.) or on the weekends for special events or accommodations.

What are Supported Living Services? Supported Living Services (SLS) are used to supplement already available supports for adults who either can live independently with limited supports, or if they need extensive support, are principally supported from other sources, such as the family. SLS provides a variety of services, such as personal care (medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc.) or homemaking needs, mentoring, accessing his or her community, help with decision-making, professional therapies, and transportation. Supported Living Services are not intended to meet all needs. We also offer respite services through SLS, which can range from hourly mentor provided services to the utilization of our host homes for overnights.