Why Stellar Care?

At Stellar Care, we support persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and enable them to increase mobility, make decisions and discover their place in the world. When our clients are surrounded by passionate and caring individuals, they can’t help but thrive and succeed. 

Only The Best

For people with significant support needs, it is critical to have support staff who are competent at providing personal care. Stellar Care hires the best employees we can, and we take pride to find good fits between our direct support staff and the person served. Stellar Care staff are trustworthy, person-centered, supportive, creative, reliable, positive people who are respectful of the persons they serve.

In addition to supporting our clients, Stellar Care puts a great emphasis on supporting our staff. We love celebrating the wins of each employee and support ongoing education, personal development, and individual growth.

Our Programs

Day Programs

Learn more about what day-to-day care we can provide and let’s talk about your needs!

Residential Programs

Discover how we can help you find a home placement that fits your needs. 

Become a Host Home

Our array of Host-Home Providers has one thing in common with our staff – we care! 

Our Promise

We know how hard it can be for individuals with disabilities to trust others, communicate effectively, and open themselves up to new programs and changes. Our dedicated team promises to work hard to care for your loved ones, help them enter into the world confidently, and enable them to handle challenges and problem solve for themselves.

We always guarantee an open-door policy for every client we work with. You can be comfortable in knowing your thoughts are heard and your conversations stay confidential.